The Final Summation.

The world of education is changing rapidly before our eyes. The days of paperback textbooks, pencils and paper are quickly leaving us behind in lieu of tablets and laptops. Students are evolving too, children today are coined as “digitally native” meaning they’ve been born into a digital world where they’re exposed to and learn to use more technology at younger ages. (Lefelt T. 2014)

Surprised baby boy using a laptop computer

(Fig. 1. “A Digital Native”. 2014)

The internet is a huge, intricate wealth of information, so much so that we all need help navigating it to find the most valuable information, especially in regards to children. We need to cultivate good children’s content to help them get the most out of their digital learning experience. (“Curating Children’s Content: Who Is Doing It and Why” 2012).

girl with laptop

(Fig. 2. Girl with Laptop. 2015)

I found that apps such as Pinterest are valuable educational tools because we can use them to group large amounts of information together that children can then sift through, create from and add to themselves. (“Using Pinterest for Education”)


(Fig. 3. Pinterest Logo)

The technology I used for this assessment was: PowToon, WordPress and Soundcloud. Using PowToon in the classroom will be an invaluable tool, allowing children to use and build upon their creativity to make presentations and videos. (Matsil N.). WordPress teaches children how to set up their own blog, giving them control over their own piece of the internet. It can also be used as a virtual classroom and as a way to connect parents to their children’s teachers. (Kim D. 2012). Soundcloud was extremely easy to use and I can see children taking to it in a heartbeat. It’s the perfect tool for students to practice languages, speeches, creating educational playlists and more. (“Teachers Guide to the Use of Soundcloud in Class” 2014).


(Fig. 4 “Pros and Cons”. 2016) 

There are some negative sides to digital learning, some will argue. (“6 Pros and Cons of Technology in Your Classroom”) But I can see them paling in comparison to the benefits children receive.

kids tech

(Fig. 5. Children at school. 2016)

I have honestly found every single tool that we’ve explored to be valuable, I’ve learned so much from my exposure to them. I hadn’t considered apps like Pinterest,, Soundcloud and WordPress to be of an educational value, but my eyes have been opened.


(Fig. “Prefacing the End”.)


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